Mars brand M&M’s wanted to bridge the awareness gap between two of the busiest consumption periods of the year, Halloween and Christmas. At fate would have it, Google Street View was coming to Toronto at that time, and the rest is digital history.

The “Find Red” campaign was a first-of-its-kind digital treasure hunt that began with a YouTube video that told the story of how Red (the red M&M’s character) got sucked into Google Street View. The video directed players to to start their search for three M&M’s, and annotation clues were hidden in the clip. allowed players to use Google Street View to search for the M&M’s, with the lure of winning a red Smart car.

Over four weeks, players got clues on the website, Twitter and Facebook. Bold and bright wild postings with QR codes were placed around Toronto to bring attention to the game while allowing people to unlock special clues. To firmly integrate the product into the game, UPC codes on M&M’s packaging were turned into clues using the StickyBits App. Red even checked in with Foursquare around Toronto to help M&M’s followers get closer to the hidden locations.
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